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I was born in 1992 in a Mexican-Spanish family. I grew up in Xalapa, Mexico, on the outskirts of the city in a warm and picturesque country house.
My father has a PhD in ecology and my mother is a graphic designer and painter. My brother is a very creative and talented musician. I grew up nourished by both science and art, with an inquisitive and curious mind.
I was raised Catholic. I then encountered and practiced Buddhism in my adolescence and later on Hinduism, choosing the latter as my spiritual path.
By then I was a hippie. Simple living and detachment became my way of travel. I had a few adventures which could be described as life changing experience.


Personalized birth chart lecture to help you develop your true potential, self-awareness and resolve conflicts.

I offer in-person and online seminars both in schools and academies as well as in virtually through our Ashram Talks platform.

Traditional Vedic rituals that utilize mantra, pranayama, mudra and meditation to begin new life cycles, clean the energy in your home, as well as promote self-renewal.

Sound formulas that help us free the mind from different patterns, structures and vices. They are recognized as a very effective, dynamic and practical form of meditation.


Mtra Ana Delia García
Subdirectora IEP Bachillerato, Málaga

“La experiencia de haber recibido varios cursos del maestro Akrura Galindo ha sido muy inspirador y he logrado entender temas muy profundos de una manera sencilla y significativa, excelente manejo de los contenidos y enorme calidez humana de su parte.”

Yakira Curbelo Perdomo
Islas Canarias, España

“Akrura Galindo es un profesor realmente elocuente, cercano y práctico. Su amplia experiencia de vida en los diferentes tipos de yoga le confieren una gran profesionalidad a la hora de transmitir sus enseñanzas. La calidez y la humildad que le caracterizan hacen de sus clases una experiencia totalmente apacible y enriquecedora.”

Bernard Marian Macniak
Tichy, Poland

“I am so glad that I came across this young man, but old soul. He played big part on my journey of awaking , understanding the universe and my self.”

Evelyn and Bernhard
Wachter, Innsbruck, UK

“If you want to really know something about yoga Akrūra is the teacher you wanna have. Not only does he know how to encourage students to learn more about their bodies but also he melts mantras, philosophy, Ayurveda, background stories and psychology in his teachings. I learned more in three trainings with him about the whole concept of yoga than in a 4-week teacher training.”



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