यथा पिरंगे तथा ब्रह्मन्दे
“Yatha Pirange Tatha Brahmande”
As is the atom, so is the Universe.
As the body is, so is the Cosmic Body.

The natal chart is an accurate photograph of the planets at the time of your birth. It reflects your Karma, destiny, as well as the potential that you have in your favour.

I offer personalized consultations to help you find deeper self-knowledge, physical-mental well-being and personal improvement. Sessions include Jyotish Veda, Ayur-Veda principles and Yoga Vedanta practices.


Using the Jyotish Veda, which is a precise and ancient system of sidereal astrology.

In this reading we are going to see the planetary positions at your time of birth, and how this influences your body, mind, actions and projections. You will be able to know your strengths, talents and gifts to enhance them as well as to heal and work on the weaknesses that hinder your growth and balance.

Discovering your Ayurvedic Psychobiological Constitution:
Recommendations for habits and well-being that are personalized to your type of physical and mental body.

Self-improvement Yoga-Vedanta:
Personalized practices to stabilize the aspects of your chart that block or unbalance you, and help you achieve balance and harmony through healthy habits and meditative rituals.

*Your exact place, date and time of birth are required.

It includes:

  • 75 Minutes of consultation (face-to-face or via Zoom).
  • PDF of your Natal chart.
  • Ayurvedic recommendations PDF (optional).
  • Session recording (if required).
  • Personalized response from 1 to 5 questions
Price: 80 euro


Children are as they are, and they bring certain talents and qualities with them into this world. Very often, their talents and qualities remain hidden from their parents’ vision, but they can be seen and read from the stars through their natal chart.

Trying to make our children be the way we want or expect them to be, without considering their inborn tendencies, can cause serious consequences on their personalities and lives.

As parents we are meant to be loving and well-wishing companions, helping our children to take the best advantage of their potentials.

Astrological support specialized for parents can help them develop a deeper understanding of their children’s personalities, the mystery of life and the nature of parental relationships, which can finally help both parents and children to live a more fulfilled and happy experience.

*The exact place, date and time of the child’s birth are required.

It includes:

  • 75 Minutes of consultation (face to face or via Zoom).
  • Child’s birth chart PDF report.
  • Kid’s Potential counseling.
  • Audio recording of the session (optional).
  • Questions and answers.
Price: 80 euro


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