ॐ अग्नये स्वाहा। इदं अग्नये न मम।

“Agnaye svāhā, idam agnaye idam na mama”
I give you my offering and I offer this ritual to you Oh Agni Deva,
because nothing belongs to me. (Rig Veda)

Agni ‘अग्नि’ is the name of fire in the Sanskrit language. Traditionally, fire’s presence in the macrocosm was recognized as a very important element, as well as in the digestive fire in the human body, or in the miscrocosm.

Fire has the Shakti (internal power) to transform the negative into the positive, fear into courage, anger into strength, greed into generosity, uncertainty into security and pride into humility.

This ancient ritual of India known as Agni Homa or sacred fire ceremony, consists of a ceremony to provide auspiciousness, start new cycles, clean the energy in a space, generate good intentions and bring self-transformation into our lives. It is accompanied by reciting Vedic mantras, and practicing pranayamas, mudras and meditation techniques that help us to connect, renew and benefit from this ancient ritual.

Through this ceremony we purify both the internal (body and mind) and the external (houses, schools, halls, offices) vibratory fields, providing holistic and astrological benefits. According to specific dates in the lunar-solar Vedic calendar (Panchanga) it also helps us to receive the benefits of the moon, the constellations and the stars.

Duration: 1 Hour.